My Currency Calc


My Currency Calc

My Currency Calc is a very simple FX Calculator written in Enyo 2.0 for all Web OS devices. It was build on top of WebOS Ports Calculator App by adding FX support.

  • Supports 65 popular currencies
  • FX Rates powered by Yahoo Finance
  • Rates are updated daily. Once updated it will cache them locally so no Internet connection required after rates are loaded.

mycurrencycalc_2013-01-11_090727 mycurrencycalc_2013-01-11_090819 mycurrencycalc_2013-01-11_090829

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Please let us know what you think of this app. Let us know what you like, what can be improved and what missing features you would like us to include in the future versions. Your suggestions will help us make this app better and more useful for all of us.

For anyone interested, the full source code can be found at GitHub