About MobileTeck Inc

We at Mobileteck Inc specialise in building inovative mobile applications. We believe WebOS is one of the most promising mobile OS out there and we have dedicated our resources to building much needed Apps for WebOS platform.


As many great things it all started out as a hobby !!! We love WebOS, we are big fans of Palm Pre. We soon realised there is a serious lack of applications to our much loved phone. So we started working on applications we find most useful for our own use. Then we thought why not release it to the general public so everyone can benifit from it and Mobileteck Inc was born !


We got a few Apps in the App catalog and many more in the pipeline. Our aim is to make sure WebOS has all the essential apps that most platforms take for granted. We were first to introduce a Cinema App to WebOS to find your local cinema. We concentrated on Vue Cinemas as that happened to be our local Cinema! Then while waiting in Heathrow Airport trying to zoom and pan the Heathrow Website to find information, we thought why not a Heathrow Aiport App, and a few months later we release the very first Heathrow Aiport App for WebOS platform.


WebOS is now Open Source ! We believe the open source community bring WebOS to the masses it never reached before. If WebOS runs on a Toaster we will think of a useful app for that too !

Can we help ?

If you are looking for someone help you develop an HP WebOS mobile application for your organisation, pleaseĀ contact us.